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Discover Millau

Millau is the only town with more than 20,000 inhabitants entirely located in the heart of a Regional Nature Park, so nature is immediately accessible. Its location, natural environment, relief and mild climate make it the paradise for sportsmen.

Millau is also rich in over 2000 years of history. The town was in fact awarded the label Ville d’Art et d’Histoire in 2010. The centre, which is on a human scale, can be discovered on foot and everything is easily accessible.

It is impossible to spend your holidays in Aveyron without passing by the steel giant that is the Viaduct of Millau! This stayed bridge crosses the Tarn valley and allows the junction between the Causse Rouge and the Causse du Larzac. This architectural masterpiece holds the world record for height (343 metres at the highest point) and has blended perfectly into the landscape thanks to its light and slender appearance.

The Millau viaduct area (20 km from the campsite), set up in an old Caussenarde farm, is the ideal place to learn all about the viaduct and its construction thanks to the exhibition area of the Eiffage company. You can then take a little height to admire the exceptional view from the belvedere.

What to visit in Millau after the viaduct? Famous for its viaduct, it is also a pleasant town near the camping de la Cascade where you can do a lot of sightseeing.

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City of art and history

If you are a history buff, this is a town with a rich past to discover and each of your visits will bear witness to the town’s evolution through the centuries.

The Musée de Millau et des Grands Causses has 30 exhibition rooms devoted to regional paleontology, prehistory and archaeology, as well as the megisserie and glove-making industry.

The Millau Belfry and its 210 steps will give you a panoramic view over the town, at 42 metres high!

You can also discover the archeological site of La Graufesenque, which was one of the most important pottery centres in the Roman world, and learn about the manufacture of this intense red tableware. The archaeological production site is now classified as a Historical Monument.

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City of the glove

If the skin activity has developed so much in Millau, it is mainly thanks to the production of Roquefort and the important needs for ewe’s milk. All the elements were gathered to propel Millau on its glove-making destiny: an unrivalled quality of lamb skin, the presence of a river for working the skins and the development of transport. Millau thus became the world capital of the skin and the glove.

Today, the glove has become a luxury accessory: the greatest designers call upon the excellent know-how of the Millau manufactures to make their collections.

Find out all about the history of glove-making on a free visit to the Millau Museum or learn how gloves are made directly in the Millau manufacturing workshops.

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Capital of outdoor sports

For several years, the town of Millau has made a point of ensuring its status as capital of outdoor sports by developing sports activities and facilities.

Thus, Millau is today nationally and even internationally recognised for its exceptional practice sites. Whether for climbing, canoeing, paragliding, mountain biking or even trail riding, this city is a life-size playground!

Numerous sports events are also organised throughout the year, some of which are world renowned.

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Local specialities

If all this sightseeing and activity has left you hungry, take a trip to the market to treat your taste buds, twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Here you will find a large number of fresh and local products, Aveyronnaise specialities and more particularly millavoises, such as trénels, farçous, flaune or the unavoidable aligot-saucisse. We leave it to you to discover all this!

As you will have understood, many options are available to you when visiting this unavoidable town in Aveyron!

During your stay, enjoy a bit of idleness before setting off to discover the multiple playgrounds and magnificent landscapes that Aveyron offers!

From the campsite, there are two possibilities to get to Millau: the quickest, towards Saint-Affrique then at the exit of Saint-Rome-de-Tarn take a left towards Millau, or via the village of Peyre, in the Tarn valley, where you will enjoy an unobstructed view of the viaduct!

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